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JVC Launches “Turn Me On 4 – Decades”

JVC Mobile Entertainment ( <> ) is one of the top developers and manufacturers of mobile audio products, but more so than their dedication to pushing the envelope of technology, they have disregarded the conventional means of getting the word out. JVC is set to unveil their fourth “Turn Me On” campaign, spearheaded by another viral video that the campaign has become famous for. This time around the soundtrack is anchored by a rock n roll sound that manages to bridge the past with the rock of the future. The approximately five minute video, created by Danny Klein of e2amp and directed by Steven Lippman, functions more like a music video than a commercial and that, is absolutely by design.
“Sometimes commercials are like cough medicine,” JVC Mobile Entertainment General Manager of Marketing, Chad Vogelsong said. “They need to add a little sugar to it, and in this case the sugar in our cough medicine is beautiful girls, awesome cars, great music and great artists that make this project all come together.” The first three campaign videos have a total of over 35 million views and this fourth one is said to be the biggest yet.
The 2011 JVC Mobile ‘Turn Me On 4: Decades’ represents the decades in which JVC has been one of the premiere names in mobile audio, but also the decades they have influenced how people listen to music. “I realized that we’ve been making car stereos since 1982 and we have been just as influential with technology as bands have been with music,” Vogelsong said.
As for the decades that are thematically central to the video, each of the 80’s, 90’s, and post 2000 decades are uniquely portrayed with some of the rock latent flair JVC has become known for. Each decade has a particular band or artist that represents the decade, yet all of the bands are still very relevant and influential today.
Lita Ford makes an appearance for the 80’s. Candlebox will be the face of the 90’s, while Puddle of Mudd helms the post Y2K era. Contemporary rockers, Rev Theory bear the responsibility of ushering the new era of rock music in Turn Me On 4.
“This is an overwhelming opportunity to reach a broad spectrum of people who may never have had the opportunity to know who we are,” frontman Rich Luzzi of Rev Theory said. “It’s cool to be representing a decade, and future decade of music and to be mixed in this campaign with really successful people of the past.”
Not only is the music going to change from decade-to-decade, but everything else that goes along with each era will progress in the video as well.  Each decade accurately represents the progression music and in-car stereo technology, while also paying homage to the hair, make-up, and wardrobes of each period of time.
This is the fourth generation of the campaign and 38-year-old Vogelsong sees a personal connection with this installment.
“My first radio was a Shaft radio in my car listening to hair metal. I stepped up to CD players when they came out, I got an iPod when they came out, I have navigation in my car,” Vogelsong admitted. “All those radios I had prior to working for JVC weren’t even my brand, but they were part of my lifestyle. So for me this video really hits home because it plays out much like my own life.”
JVC proves a shining example of a new generation of young professionals that have figured out conventional marketing was missing soul. Vogelsong has crafted a viral campaign and turned it into an anticipated release – this isn’t a commercial, it’s a video premiere.
The campaign video has a lot of partners involved including Gibson Guitars, Pearl Drums, Monster Energy Drink, iHeartRadio smartphone app, etc. that are all integrated into the video, as products that compliment the JVC Mobile Entertainment lifestyle.
“If you have a Monster in hand, you’re driving your car listening to a JVC and you’re wearing a pair of so-and-so sunglasses, you’re the cool kid. We’re selling a lifestyle and our brand understands that lifestyle,” Vogelsong said.
The anticipated launch date for the video is May 18th on EgoTV. You can also visit the site now to see all 3 previous Turn Me On <>

By James Gobee

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