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Klosterman Pokes at Ashburn

After developing a reputation among his constituents for being adamantly anti-Gay with his voting pattern, Senator Roy Ashburn managed to get himself arrested for DUI in Sacramento. The real story was were he was leaving that fateful evening, a Sacramento Gay club. The Senator would then reveal in a radio broadcast that he was indeed, gay.

Klosterman Pokes at Ashburn

Klosterman Pokes at Ashburn

Charismatically cynical author Chuck Klosterman managed to morph into a prophet of sorts. In his, Eating The Dinosaur, published in 2009, Klosterman wrote a ready made apology for disgraced politicians publicly outed. Oh,
Roy, Klosterman couldn’t have known you would fuck up this bad. Or did he??? ”I will concede that I am more confused than the average person. I’ve spent my entire life denying who I truly was. But my motive for that denial was political, even before I was a politician. I always believed that I could serve the greater good by advancing myself into a position of power, and–in order to make that reality–the compromise I made was to attack the social mores that were extension of everything I feared about myself. I felt extremely guilty for doing this, and I felt as though I deserved to be punished. My religious upbringing dictated retribution. So by publicly criticizing the gay community, I felt like I was silently punishing myself.

Now, I was totally aware that this was hypocritical, and that hypocrisy consumed me. It was all I ever thought about. It became so pervasive within my consciousness that I found myself acting upon my own suppressed desires.
I became romantically involved with someone of my own gender, completely aware that this could destroy me politically. That was part of the attraction. Sadly, I enjoyed feeling self-destructive. When that relationship became more intense, I began to accept that I was gay. And that’s why I kept pushing for laws that hurt the gay community. Political duplicity was the only way I could confront my own personal demons. I deeply apologize for hurting other people, but the only person I was trying to hurt was myself.

Also, I am an alcoholic.” (117)

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-Ramon Gonzales

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