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The classic remake was probably better left alone.
By: Felix Ulery

The publicists that continue to milk Haiti as a place to gain exposure and press coverage for their clients need to be spanked, fired, and black listed from the media outlets that also continue to milk this issue. If you want to donate to Haiti or any cause, you don’t need a knock-off of a super group reminding an already struggling America how bad their own personal economy is.

The saddest part of this isn’t the assembly of artists who took the time to contribute to this compilation, it’s that in that in that massive group of super-stars none of them had the decency to write an entirely new song—something that can matter, now. Part of what made “We Are The World” such a hit in the 80′s wasn’t just the message, but that it was a fantastic song for that time and purpose. It was uplifting and motivational. Now, the Class of We Are The World 2010 is only rehashing a song that was a key piece of American pop-culture and musical landscape for that era, essentially making a mockery of the creativity and accomplishment that originally was “We Are The World” and coming off more like an opportunistic parody than an earnest effort.

Some advice: donate in silence, don’t act like a martyr. Volunteer. If you want to do something good from your soapbox with your limelight, find it in yourself as an artist to at least try to match the original intention of this song. Please quit reminding us that Michael Jackson is dead—instead be the next Michael Jackson. There’s a huge void to be filled now that he’s gone and singing a track that he wrote isn’t even the first step in beginning to fill that void. Even if it is for a good cause.

*No celebrities were mentioned in this piece because they don’t deserve it


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