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Shwayze, Norma Jean, OPM, Arlovski vs. Barnett, X Games 14, How to Cook with Paul Oakenfold, CORR, Ibiza, Artistic Element, Garbage Island, Throwing Seven, The Knoits, How To Win Internet Arguments, Warped TOur, Sunset Junction, Paramount Rocks Preview, King of the Kart, Rock The Bells, Dirt Tour and more!

Skinnie Entertainment Magazine - September 2008

Shwayze, Norma Jean, OPM, Arlovski vs. Barnett, X Games 14, How to Cook with Paul Oakenfold, CORR, Ibiza, Artistic Element, Garbage Island, Throwing Seven, The Knoits, How To Win Internet Arguments, Warped TOur, Sunset Junction, Paramount Rocks Preview, King of the Kart, Rock The Bells, Dirt Tour and more!

Arlovski  vs.  Barnett
How Affliction Has Raised  the Stakes in Vegas
words by: Eric Bonholtzer 
photos courtesy of:

The word “success” may be an understatement for entrepreneur Todd Beard and his crew at Affliction: a wildly popular clothing line, sponsorships of the highest caliber fighters in MMA, a successful debut as an MMA promoter and a budding new partnership with none other than Donald Trump. And this is simply the beginning. Affliction’s first MMA event in July kicked things off with an explosive action-packed bang, and now the premier clothing line seeks to raise the stakes when it hits the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas on October 11th for Day of Reckoning. The promotion’s second show will be headlined by an intense showdown between two of the best heavyweights in the world, as Former UFC champion and Pride FC veteran, Josh “The Babyface Assassin” Barnett, will pit his well-rounded game against the very tough and always dangerous former UFC champion, Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski. Both fighters are coming off impressive knockout victories in Affliction’s inaugural event and this bout will determine who will fight Fedor Emelianenko for the WAMMA and Affliciton heavyweight title. Barnett and Arlovski have mutual respect for one another, but on October 11th that won’t stop them from waging war, as Arloski explains, “with Barnett it’s nothing personal, it’s business, but we’re going to have a good fight.” Arlovski and Barnett are both training diligently for the match-up and “The Babyface Assassin” says that in a bout of this magnitude fans can rest assured the fight will be “intense, bloody, and something that will leave a whole lot of violence on people’s minds.”

Each combatant has participated in several different promotions, but Arlovski and Barnett are exceptionally pleased with the total package Affliction shows put together.  “Usually companies start in the beginning as not that interesting, but the July 19th show was a great performance and I’m very happy with them,” Arlovski explains. Barnett, too, is pleased with Affliction’s cutting-edge shows, particularly since the promotion brings in heavy metal acts to perform between some of the fights, making the events an MMA show and concert combined. Day of Reckoning is no different with Ozzy Osbourne taking the stage to perform. “Affliction is the creation of an MMA environment where we’re going to listen to awesome metal and see a spectacular show that’s meant to entertain everyone,” Barnett explains. He is particularly happy to be a part of Affliction MMA, having had a long standing working relationship with the organization as he was one of the first fighters to wear the brand’s shirts in the ring. “I started wearing it in Pride and handing shirts to my opponent,” he explains, and now the organization has come full circle, becoming a force in MMA.

Head to Head:
At the last Affliciton event, Barnett achieved a knockout victory over Pedro Rizzo in his match while Arlovski knocked out Ben Rothwell.  Both are the same height, around the same weight and are both former UFC champions. One factor that some might point to as having an impact is the fact that it’s only Arlovski’s second fight in a ring versus the UFC cage, but Barnett acknowledges that Arlovski has never really relied on the cage in his fights, and Arlovski confides that even while in the UFC he mostly trained in a ring so it’s doubtful the switch will play a role in the fight. Barnett trains under Erik Paulson in Fullerton, California while Arlovski trains in Chicago, working with boxing coach, Freddie Roach, and Jui-Jitsu coach, Dino Costeas.

Josh Barnett – 26 Wins 5 Losses (250 pounds, 6’ 3”)
How do you envision the fight going down? Standing or Ground?
“I think he’s going to want to keep it on his feet and he wants to avoid being on the ground with me. I know he makes mistakes on his feet, though, and I’m going to show him the errors. Standing or ground, the only thing that matters to me, though, is that I dictate the pace of the fight.”

What do you feel is Arlovski’s greatest strength and greatest weakness?
“His greatest strength is a great offense, his weakness is everything else.”

What do you feel is your greatest strength?
“My greatest strength is I feel like I’m a truly well-rounded fighter and I have over 50 fights to my name. Everyday I’m not just working on my strengths, I’m also working on small but important aspects that I want to improve.”

What do you listen to when you work out?
“I like thrash, death and heavy metal… and Viking metal!”

What do you do outside of MMA?
“I play video games and read comic books and I consider myself the example you can be hugest raging dork but that doesn’t mean you have to be unkempt, oily and live in your mom’s basement.”

Andrei Arlvoski – 14 Wins 5 Losses (240 pounds,  6’ 3”)
How do you envision the fight going down? Standing or Ground?
“I’m ready for striking and I’m ready for the ground, I’m more comfortable striking, but I’m ready for the ground and everyday I’m spending a lot of time with wrestling and Jui-Jitsu.”

What do you feel is Barnett’s greatest strength and greatest weakness?
“He’s tough, he’s a great fighter with a lot of experience. I give him a lot of respect. He’s pretty good at striking, boxing, Jui-Jitsu, tough everywhere.”

What do you feel is your greatest strength?
“I’m a good wrestler and a good striker, I spend more and more time training spending seven to eight hours a day boxing, doing cardio, lifting weights. My greatest strength is striking, but I have been doing a lot of work with my Jui-Jitsu.”

What do you listen to when you work out?
“I listen to Russian music but it depends on the mood, I also like hip-hop.”

What do you do outside of MMA?
“I like to read… [I have] read The Alchemist five times in Russian and I’m right now reading it in English.”


Rounds 9 & 10 @ Fairplex in Pomona, Ca.
words by: Donald C. Stefanovich
photos courtesy of: Paul Moreno

Round 9, Saturday, August 16 Kyle LeDuc led a white knuckle round in the Pro 4 class replete with plenty of wreckage and a few black flags. LeDuc and Renezeder were head to head until turn five, lap eight when Renezeder attempted to pass LeDuc, forcing him into the wall receiving a black flag. Another black flag was dropped when Scott Douglas got into Johnny Greaves who was running in second position but lost four spots falling to sixth. As paint was traded within the pack Kyle LeDuc secured a first place lead, large lead, Rick Huseman claimed second place and Curt LeDuc, rounded out the podium with bronze. Round 9 received a painful punctuation as Johnny Greaves twisted six times after being hit by another racer.
In the Pro 2 class Todd LeDuc was in the lead until he went sideways coming out of the bowl in turn four and lost control, opening the window for Rob MacCachren to pass and take gold. LeDuc finished in second and Scott Taylor took third. Jeremy McGrath ended up finishing in 19th place after his power steering line burst into flames in lap six.

Pro Lite race got off to a slick start on the oiled track. After blowing his engine in qualifying, Jeff Kincaid started the race in last but worked his way up to 7th. Robert Naughton spun out ending his chance at the win allowing Chad Hord to dominate the race with Marty Hart and Bull Casey Currie rounding out the podium. “It felt awesome. I saw them watering the track. That’s my track [when it’s wet],” said Hord.

Pro Buggy saw Larry Foddrill’s first win of the season. Buggies were flipping, sliding, and hitting all over the track. Foddrill was joined on the podium by Larry Job and Jay Halsey.

Round 10, Sunday, August 17 Round 10 delivered as black flags came out in both the Pro 4 and Pro Lite races. In Pro 2, Ricky Johnson began a commanding 5.4 second lead before a right rear brake fire took him out. After a seventh place start, Rob MacCachren made an impressive finish in first. Todd LeDuc finished in second and Carl Renezeder took third. This was MacCachren’s second Pro 2 win of the weekend.
Pro 4 saw Rick Huseman rob Curt LeDuc of the lead in lap two. Huseman led the race with a large lead. Renezeder and Huseman battled it out until Huseman got into Renezeder who spun and Huseman was black flagged dropping him to last. Kyle LeDuc found himself in the lead until his rear drive shaft gave out. Curt LeDuc moved into first position and battled for the spot with Renezeder who had worked his way back up. In lap 16, Renezeder was pushed out by LeDuc earning a black flag. Scott Douglas took the opening for the win. Steve Barlow took second and Renezeder third.
Marty Hart ruled the Pro Lite race through lap 13 when Rodrigo Ampudia and Robert Naughton gained on Hart. In turn four of lap 14, Hart, Ampudia and Naughton entered the bowl three wide and exited with Ampudia out in front, Hart in second and Naughton in third. Hart then spun out giving up the second spot to Naughton who took second behind Ampudia in first. Hart took third.
Chad George won the UTV race, Curt Geer won his first race of the season in the Single Buggy race and Dale Dondel clenched his first win in the Pro Buggy race.

PRO 4 (18 LAPS)
 1 LeDuc, Kyle #99 19:08.688 
 2 Huseman, Rick #3 19:12.519 
 3 LeDuc, Curt #43 19:14.865 
 4 Herbst, Ed #55 19:28.459 
 5 Baldwin, Josh #86 19:28.957 

PRO 2 (18 LAPS)
 1 MacCachren, Rob #21 20:14.854 
 2 LeDuc, Todd #3 20:17.170 
 3 Taylor, Scott #8 20:19.068 
 4 Whelchel, Jerry #1 20:20.321 
 5 Johnson, Ricky #9 20:23.544 

 1 Davis, Kevin #85S 21:00.489 
 2 Busnardo, Ryan #13S 04:20.829 14 laps

 1 Hord, Chad #9 22:19.235 
 2 Hart, Marty #15 22:20.029 
 3 Currie, Casey #2 22:20.721 
 4 Brandt, Chris #82 22:21.177 
 5 Cuffaro, Todd #46 22:23.671

 1 Foddrill, Larry #901 15:49.077 
 2 Job, Larry #907 16:01.723 
 3 Halsey, Jay #915 16:02.641 
 4 Minnier, Randy #995 16:11.520 
 5 Halliday, Mike #904 16:11.969 

 1 Freeman, Bryan #307 16:10.391 
 2 Geer, Curt #392 16:17.151 
 3 Boyer, Cory #316 16:19.874 
 4 Kennedy, LJ #382 16:29.082 
 5 Krahenbuhl, Brock #312 16:30.965 

KART JR. 1 (10 LAPS)
 1 Williams, Trent #225 06:55.727 
 2 Grabowski, Dustin #272 06:58.435 
 3 Hunt, Zachary #234 07:06.094 
 4 Seifert, Austin #254 07:07.661 
 5 West, Gavin #207 07:12.434

 1 Douglas, Scott #7 17:46.113 
 2 Barlow, Steve #2 17:50.124 
 3 Renezeder, Carl #1 17:51.066 
 4 Baldwin, Josh #86 17:54.745 
 5 Herbst, Ed #55 17:59.808 

PRO 2 (18 LAPS)
 1 MacCachren, Rob #21 20:45.152 
 2 LeDuc, Todd #3 20:48.712 
 3 Renezeder, Carl #17 20:51.444 
 4 Ampudia, Rodrigo #36 20:55.297 
 5 McGrath, Jeremy #15 20:55.613

 1 Ampudia, Rodrigo #36 19:47.895 
 2 Naughton, Robert #54 19:48.798 
 3 Hart, Marty #15 19:53.903 
 4 Brandt, Chris #82 19:57.169 
 5 Hord, Chad #9 20:00.028 

1 Dondel, Dale #997 19:06.223 
 2 Fortin, Doug #996 19:09.051 
 3 Foster, Greg #953 19:23.686 
 4 Halliday, Mike #904 19:25.157 
 5 Dondel, Mike #998 19:29.889 

 1 Geer, Curt #392 17:28.693 
 2 Navara, Rino #377 17:29.389 
 3 Krahenbuhl, Brock #312 17:30.007 
 4 Freeman, Bryan #307 17:30.321 
 5 Ehrenberg, Sammy #381 17:34.670 

What You Missed
In stark contrast to the guts, glory and truck debris CORR fans have come to expect, the weekend had a laid back festival vibe as well; professional racers, models, autographs, models, food, models, various vendor tents. THQ’s in particular caught our attention with interactive demos of their forthcoming game, Baja: Edge of Control. Definitely the ideal game for off road fans who love the thrill of off road racing but aren’t ready to get dirty. Oh, did we mention there were models there, too?


Norma Jean
The Illusory Nature of Smoke and Windows
words by: Jeffrey Easton  
photos courtesy of: Ralf Strathmann

The band Norma Jean is a conundrum, an intricate or difficult problem as it is defined.  On one hand you have the heavy, lethal attack of their loud and raucous hardcore sound, but while most bands pepper their music with lyrics of violence or sexual imagery, Norma Jean contrasts their sonic brutality with a lyrical light at the end of the tunnel. Indeed, dark themes ending with messages of hope. Cory Brandan, the undisputable king of unconventional song titles, took a break from Warped Tour to discuss the aforementioned tour, the new record The Anti Mother (featuring collaborative tracks with Chino Moreno of The Deftones and Page Hamilton of Helmet) and analogies filled with smoke and windows.

This summer’s Warped Tour has been a huge steppingstone in Norma Jean’s already ascending popularity. “The tour is cool because there are so many different kinds of music happening. We get to be one of the different sounds that Warped Tour adds on, unlike a metal or a rock fest,” Cory related.  “Also Warped Tour does not care about the status of your band, they will put you on at a different time everyday and it is up to you to make it happen.” The bands know there is no “status” on that tour so to speak, no one band is any better than the rotation on the Hurley stage or the Smart Punk stage.

When you pick up a CD in a store the first obvious thing you see is the cover art, which sometimes makes or breaks a sale. Upon seeing the Anti Mother cover art one can’t help but wonder, “What am I looking at?” As much as the mystery behind the cover art is part of its allure, Cory felt the need to elaborate; “It is a heart infested with a beehive. That is what the artist, Steve Hash, saw when I told him what the Anti Mother was,” Cory explained, creating more questions as to what this means. “That is exactly what we want, welcome to Norma Jean land, we want them to have a question mark over their head. There are two sides to every person, the side you take care of where you mother yourself and the side that does something that is anti nourishing, which is the Anti Mother, the character we created… Something that is beautiful and tempting or desirable on the outside but on the inside it is total destruction and evil on the inside, the heart that is normal that turns to black.”

For bands with writers of this ilk, day-to-day life experiences usually play the role but what Mr. Brandan sought something with more depth to create this record. “I jumped off the deep end for awhile and the way we deceive ourselves is like smoke in the window,” Cory admitted. “If you are standing in a room and the window is cracked and the smoke is coming in very slowly that you do not know it is coming in the whole room will engulf with smoke and take you and whoever else is in there with you. You hear people knocking on the door and you want them to open it and let the smoke out. That analogy is a good example of death of the Anti Mother, you  come out and wonder where you were and what happened.” On a metaphorical level Cory found himself in the proverbial room as I’m sure many have before him. It is one thing to party, it is another to use the party as a hiding place from your troubles. This record could serve as a lifeline to reality; an inspirational piece if you will. “I realized that the things I was doing were hurting myself, family and friends. I had a very destructive personality for awhile,” Cory Lamented. Other songs on the record shore up the Anti Mother idea although not always on such a serious note. “Robots 3 Humans 0” reads that the evil robots are winning and we are losing… usually happens doesn’t it?

When you pick the record up, you will see the normal off the wall song titles but once you get into the idea of what the Anti Mother is about, then the rest of the titles will become crystal clear. This album allows the listener to go a foot deeper inside the head of Norma Jean and see their past as well as where they are headed.  “The theme of the record made itself happen. We were told one time to let the song write itself, just write it and not force it.” Cory added, “that is a great lesson to learn. We just let the album happen and this is what came out.” Like the last album Redeemer where they wrote a song with Tim from Underoath, they once again stepped into the co-writing arena with none other than Chino Moreno of the legendary Deftones and Page Hamilton of the infamous Helmet. “I am a big Helmet fan and we met Page at one of our shows one night and we just became good friends. One day I was hanging out with him and said that we should do a song together with you coming in and writing with us.” Cory went on with “He did the ‘Opposite Of Left And Wrong,’ came down to Atlanta and did the vocal and guitar parts for the song [on] which you can hear the Helmet influence.” Norma Jean have progressed since Redeemer in terms of melody, mood, songwriting and the total package for the road into the Anti Mother.

At A Glance:
(with Cory Brandan)
+ Favorite Album:                                      Fugazi - End Hits.
+ Favorite Place To Play:                            Nashville, Tenn.
+ Favorite Book: Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman.
+ Favorite excuse not to get out of bed:    “I give the silent treatment to whoever is waking me up.”
+ Least Favorite experience of touring: “Being away from my family.”
+ Favorite experience from touring:                  Touring Australia with Everytime I Die.
+ Favorite TV show: Lost. Anything by J.J. Abrams really.


The Journey, Not The Destination
words by: PJ Yatar  
photos courtesy of: Devin DeHavin

“I am more successful than I have ever been,” shares John E Necro. “This is one of the best records that I have been part of.” OPM’s latest release Golden State of Mind is a collection of ska,-reggae- hip-hop flavored hybrids that reflect and excel the band’s musical flight. Even more so it reveals how OPM’s front man defines success at this stage of the band’s career. “It’s kind of like a thing I heard the other day in a movie that kind of hit me pretty hard, that said ‘success isn’t defined where you end up but by the path you traveled to get there.’”

Signed by Atlantic Records in early 2000s the band met all expectations. Their upbeat sound could be heard on the airwaves across the US and at the same time the band was privy to having major, established acts touring with them in support across the country. “We were on TV and more press… which is a success on that level,” said Necro. “But to me success is making a good record.” Which is why Necro changed his approach to song writing for the new record, choosing to bypass bouncing new ideas and different beats with band mates for a more quiet and internal approach. “It was different from our last album we recorded,” Necro shared referring to the time he spent searching through old lyric sheets and sketchbooks he had complied over the years. “That was different, rather than coming up with a new idea and trying to have everything fit together.” The album itself is every bit as infectious and catchy as their previous three, possibly even more so.

But success for the band can also be measured by longevity. Over the years the band has changed members and has even changed record labels (currently they have found a home with the Subrurban Noize family) which is not surprising given the highly competitive and emotionally taxing nature of being a performer. Necro understands that as the band becomes more established in their professional lives the more complex their lives are outside of OPM. “There is a lot of emotion… I don’t think that changes for anyone,” Necro states. “Our whole being is wrapped up in being part of a band… we all have our own lives on the other side. It gets difficult.”

The act of balancing lives with the band and qualifying what success means aside, the end result is a fun and infectious fourth album. Continuing to find innovative ways to combine the best elements of rock, reggae and hip hop, the So Cal quintet has maintained a sound that is somehow signature yet new and refreshing at the same time with Golden State of Mind. “I came up with the name of the record pretty much right when we started.” Although guest spots are not an uncommon occurrence amongst any given family of artists, the inclusion of many outside musicians creates an open and welcome feel to the album; almost as if the listener were witness and subject to a raging house party populated with a familiar cast of characters. For example, in addition to the rap stylings of long-time collaborator and label mate Big B, Golden State of Mind encompasses vocal work from the likes of reggae legend Pato Banton to the the flows of Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog; or from the rhymes and banter of Suburan Noize label mates Johnny Richter of Kottonmouth Kings and Dirtball to the soulful rasp of Jim Perkins, frontman of So Cal sensation Dumbluck and the always astounding turntable work of (hed)PE’s DJ Product. As stated earlier, Necro considers Golden State of Mind his best work to date. Indeed, OPM have experienced success in the truest sense fo the word.

While many music pundits and listeners are still scratching their heads over the future of the music industry, Necro isn’t worried. “It’s hard to tell really. There is probably more music circulating because of the internet… the music industry needs to find a better way to track it.” Which is why Necro knows success does not equate in the amount of gold records, video requests or even airplay for that matter; for him success is about the journey and not the destination. “I feel like I have been writing this album for the past 10 years.”

At A Glance:
+ The album cover artwork is a painting by John E Necro
+ What do you usually eat for breakfast? A very high in fiber cereal
+ What record are you listening to now? The new (hed)PE.
+ Compare two superhero movies you watched this summer: Dark Knight two thumbs up, Hancock one thumb up.


Buzzin' In Malibu
words by: Alex Mendoza 
photos courtesy of: Jason Odell

It’s hard to imagine Malibu only having one black kid, but according to Shwayze (aka Aaron Smith) he may not be the only black kid in Malibu, but he’s definitely the poorest. It’s this type of laid back attitude and his unfailing ability to poke fun at himself – among other things – that adds to the timeless appeal and charisma he exudes. Even on the phone it seems effortless – especially coming from a guy who’s just finished performing on the Warped Tour. His partner in crime, Cisco Adler, responds in the same manner, though his vocal inflections insinuate he’s a bit more straightforward and possibly a bit more serious. Either way, their unique dynamic and chemistry is a central appeal and draw that has led to a summer filled with Warped Tour shows and a television show Buzzin (titled after their first hit single) on MTV that chronicles their endeavors in making their album and beyond.

Sound like a handful? It is, but you wouldn’t think so with the way Shwayze coolly describes the entire experience thus far. “It’s so crazy, man. Really it is. Back in 2005 Cisco and I were having the time of our lives. We were making music for fun, getting inspired by the ladies, or whether we had the greatest day of our lives, and just writing about it. There were no limits. We were just living each day and making the best of it. We never imagined we would be doing this as a sort of professional gig, but now here we are and it never ceases to amaze me. It’s something I don’t ever take for granted. Hell, none of us here do, which is why whenever we’re at the signings we take our time with the fans because they’re turning our fun into this unexpected dream that people are really responding to.”

Adler concurs. “I’d have to say that when we started this thing way back in 2005, it was for one purpose and one purpose only: to make music that was a direct reflection of where we are coming from as people. I come from a time where I listened to a lot of music my parents flat out hated, but it spoke to me. In doing this thing with Shwayze I wanted to make music that I knew would represent who we were, but also speak to all sorts of people and not just one set group. That’s not what our music is about. It’s about reaching all sorts of people and having a good time with it.”

The answers are direct, driven by an underlying passion and one fact remains blatantly evident: these are two guys clearly enjoying each day with their newfound fame without taking it for granted. Even with the debut of their show on MTV, they’re unusually humble – maybe even a bit surprised that the entire thing actually panned out in the first place. Again – it’s hard to tell since Shwayze is so chill and relaxed and Cisco is calm and collective in his responses. “We had originally pitched the idea to MTV and it came for us at the right time. It’s important for everyone to know we never went into this whole television gig hoping to become famous and propel us to become superstars. Our aim was different right from the start: to show the entire process for us as musicians, as well as people, and how we’re just two lucky guys managing to do what we love,” Shwayze says in regard to the show’s origins.

“The show really has helped people notice what we were doing,” Cisco adds. “When we first doing this Warped Tour gig we had a growing fan base as people started talking about us. Then the day after the show premiered we found the crowd was a lot bigger and a lot crazier. It’s nice to know people are taking notice and the show really is doing what we had aspired for in the first place: to show an aspect of the whole music making process in a less “serious” fashion. It’s legit and real and represents who we are as people. I think humanizing that entire idea of fame and the limelight has a lot of people connecting to more than the music and that’s rewarding. It means the fans care and are paying attention,” says Cisco of the show’s effect on their ascending popularity.
Cisco Adler is no stranger to working with various stars. Tila Tequila, Andre Legacy and Lil Jon are but a few names that the producer has worked with. Even with a considerable amount of experience under his belt – along with Shwayze’s rhyming skills - the Malibu duo is clearly geared towards making music that everyone can enjoy. “That’s one of the main reasons we love the Warped Tour because on one stage you can watch this hardcore band and then the next you have guys like us. That kind of atmosphere shows that everyone listens to everything. Genres and classifications are just out of convenience. We knew going into this people were going to give us love because it’s such a diverse concert,” Shwayze says, commenting on the rewards of doing Warped Tour.

“You know we’ve had some crazy stuff happen thus far,” Cisco chimes in. “After one show a girl took a shit on our bus and we’re thinking to ourselves, ‘Ok, a girl just took a shit on our bus.’ But it doesn’t compare to how we get to show our music to new people every day and have them enjoy it. We get to spread our wings and for me it’s special because when we started this project I just ended a relationship, but the sky was the limit. I think it worked out because it was driven by the will to just do the best damn music we could that represented our personalities, as well as our experiences,” Cisco says of the positive effects of the Warped Tour. “And the coolest thing about it is we’ve got more cities to play and more people to see. For me that’s one of the most rewarding aspects about this entire thing and it’s hard to believe this is just the beginning.” 

At A Glance:
+ Shwayze got his start when he jumped on stage during a 2005 performance at the Malibu Inn for a band called Whitestarr, which was Cisco Adler’s original band.

+ Shwayze worked at Starbucks, along with his grandpa’s construction company while he made music with Cisco.

+ Cisco is currently writing and recording tracks with Gym Class Heroes and Kid Sister.

+ Due to their disregard for genres, Shwayze feels their music is best described as “California chill, West Coast stoner music.”


X Games 14
July 31st -August 3rd
words by: Ellen Rumple
photos by: Jeffrey Easton and Alan Rivera

The heat was beating down on X Games 14, held July 31st through August 3rd. One of the most painful highlights was Danny Way in Men’s Skate Board Big Air Final. Way did a back flip across the kicker, and boosted a 19-foot McTwist straight to his shins and did a penny drop right onto his back. “I’m pretty sure my foot’s broken,” said Way, but got back on the ramp to pull a backflip with an added varial  McTwist and take second to Bob Burnquist.
In Moto X Best Trick Kyle Loza landed the “Electric Death” (a backflip with a varial mid-flip). Loza opted out of his second attempt after no one could top his score.

Friday, Elissa Steamer reclaimed skateboard street gold. “I’ve been living and breathing skating everyday the last couple of years, not just skating when I felt like it,” said Steamer. In Big Air BMX Chad Kagy flip-whipped with a 20 foot flatspin flair-whip for gold. In Moto X Step Up Ricky Carmichael and Ronnie Renner were able to clear the 32 foot bar, but at 33 foot, Carmichael took gold.

Saturday in Women’s Skateboard Vert, Karen Jones took gold with the technical varial mute, a finger flip and a lolli-pop shuv-it. “This is the first time I’ve won anything, ever. I’m so, so happy,” exclaimed Jones. The Moto X Freestyle brought the crowd to their feet for Jeremy Lusk’s winning Indian air, a superman seat-grab backflip, a cliffhanger, an under-flip, a rock solid Indian air and a knack-knack flip.
Sunday, Andy Macdonald surpassed Tony Hawk’s medal record in X Games with is 17th medal, and joked, “It is kind of unfair because Tony Hawk hasn’t been competing since 2002.” Rune Glifberg earned his first gold medal. “With this course you have to know exactly what you are going to do at all times or else you can get lost in it”, Glifberg explained.

In the last heat of Rally Car Andrew Comrie-Picard flipped his car and Dave Mirra hit a wall. Gold medalist Travis Pastrana explains, “…if I am a little bit behind …the only way to make up for that time is do it video game style and just start bouncing off stuff.”

BMX Freestyle Street
1:Garrett Reynolds
2:Van Homan
3:Sean Sexton
4:Brian Kachinsky
5:Dakota Roche

Men’s Skateboard Big Air
1: Bob Burnquist
2: Danny Way
3: Jake Brown
4: Andy Macdonald
5:Adam Taylor

Men’s Moto X Best Trick
1:Kyle Loza
2:Jeremey Lusk
3:Todd Potter
4:Blake Williams
5:Mat Rebeaud

Women’s Skate Street
1:Elissa Steamer
2:Marisa Del Santo
3:Amy Carson
4:Rachel Reinhard
5:Leticia Bufoni

Men’s Skate Street
1:Ryan Sheckler
2:Paul Rodriguez
3:Greg Lutzka
4:Chris Cole
5:Rodolfo Ramos

BMX Big Air
1:Chad Kagy
2:Dave Mirra
3:Kevin Robinson
4:Steve McCann
5:Allan Cooke

Moto X Step Up
1:Ricky Carmichael
2:Ronnie Renner
3:Tommy Clowers
4:Brian Deegan
5:Mike Mason

Women’s Skate Vert
1:Karen Jones
2:Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins
3:Mimi Knoop
4:Cara-Beth Burnside
5:Gaby Ponce

BMW Freestyle SuperPark
1:Daniel Dhers
2:Diogo Canina
3:Rob Darden
4:Ryan Guettler
5:Gary Young

Moto X Racing
1:Josh Hansen
2:Jeremy McGrath
3:Josh Grant
4:Josh Summey
5:Justin Brayton

Moto X Racing Women’s
1:Tarah Gieger
2:Sherri Cruse
3:Tatum Sik
4:Jessica Patterson
5:Sarah Whitmore

Skate Vert
1:Pierre-Luc Gagnon
2:Buckey Lasek
3:Shaun White
4:Andy Macdonald
5:Sandro Dias

1:Jeff Ward
2:Robbie Horton
3:Brandon Currie
4:Steve Drew
5:Ivan Lazzarini

BMX Freestyle Vert
1:Jamie Bestwick
2:Chad Kagy
3:Steve McCann
4:Dennis McCoy
5:Jimmy Walker

Skateboard SuperPark
1:Rune Gilfberg
2:Andy Macdonald
3:Tony Trujillo
4:Omar Hassan
5:Chad Bartie

Moto X Freestyle
1:Jeremy Lusk
2:Mat Rebeaud

Moto X Speed & Style
1:Kevin Johnson
2:Ronnie Rennerr

Rally Car Racing
1:Travis Pastrana
2:Tanner Foust

Stay tuned for the Dubai X Games World Cup December 11-13, 2008 in Dubai, UAE.

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